Barrow Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications within Barrow parish.

The final decision on whether a planning application is approved or refused is made by the planning authority, not the parish council.

The parish council will consider each planning application on its own merits. It is normally given 21 days to respond and its comments are published on Ribble Valley Borough Council’s website.

Details of planning applications in Barrow are published on Ribble Valley Borough Council’s website and can be viewed using the following link:

Before commenting on a planning application, the parish council considers relevant planning issues which may include the following:

  • Highway safety and parking issues.
  • Overlooking, loss of privacy and loss of light.
  • Scale, design, appearance, layout and materials.
  • Loss of important open space or physical features.
  • Noise, disturbance or smells.
  • Local knowledge of drainage or other possible problems with the ground.
  • Effect of nature conservation and trees.
  • Effect on a conservation area or listed building.
  • Previous planning decisions, including appeal decisions.
  • Government policy and proposals in the development plan.

For your information, the following is a list of issues that are not considered relevant planning considerations by Ribble Valley Borough Council:

  • Loss of property value.
  • Loss of view over other people's land.
  • Possible future development not included in the application.
  • Private property rights such as boundary or access disputes.
  • Matters covered by other laws.
  • Trade competition.
  • The morals or motives of the developer.

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